Christchurch Shooting

A chilling report on the Christchurch massacre is an indictment of institutional Islamophobia — in New Zealand and Silicon Valley — that led to 51 deaths.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a crackdown on harmful online material after 51 people were killed earlier this year at two New Zealand mosques.
A gunman killed 51 people in March during a mass attack on Christchurch's Muslim community.
Will Connolly, the Australian teen who egged an anti-Muslim politician, said funds he got through GoFundMe campaigns weren't "mine to keep."
Brenton Tarrant, a suspected white supremacist, also faces 51 charges of murder and 40 of attempted murder.
Fraser Anning was booted from Parliament months after he claimed the New Zealand mosque shootings were the fault of Muslims.
Civilians don't need "access to military-style semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles," she said. "You do not."
The bill was passed by a vote of 119 to 1 in the House of Representatives, less than a month after mass shootings in Christchurch.
Critics, including tech companies, say the measure is a rushed response to the New Zealand mosque shootings.
Brenton Tarrant will also face 39 attempted murder charges when he appears in court on Friday, police said.
The French Council of the Muslim Faith said Facebook took 29 minutes after the start of the Christchurch gunman's broadcast to remove it.
"Egg Boy" Will Connolly vowed to donate nearly $80,000 raised for him to those affected by the New Zealand massacre.
Last week, at least 50 people were killed in mass shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.
From personal conversations in coffee shops to mass vigils at universities, here are just some of the ways interfaith allies have been showing their love.
Police said they have spoken with the person incorrectly named and have apologized.
Wrapped in white cloth, the bodies were laid to face Mecca, and, after jenazah (funeral) prayers, were carried towards their freshly dug graves.
Here's how the footage of the mosque attack was able to spread.
Within days of the attack, Jacinda Ardern has visited mosques, promised to reform gun laws and pledged solidarity.
A member of New Zealand's Muslim community said he appreciated the students' gesture.
Kellyanne Conway went on “Fox & Friends” to tell viewers to read the manifesto of the alleged Christchurch shooter.