Christopher Dorner

In 1984 Bernie Goetz shot four black teenagers in the subway because, he concluded, they would rob him or worse. He left one man a paraplegic with permanent brain damage. The so-called "Subway Vigilante" eventually turned himself into police but not before receiving nation-wide support from segments of the public, including media outlets, who hailed him as a hero.
I admit there is a lot that I don't know about the capture of Frein, however, what I do know is that a young black man, in South Carolina, was asked to show his driver's license to an officer and was shot several times.
Americans are now eight times more likely to die in a police confrontation than they are to be killed by a terrorist.
So the cycle goes on and gives us a greater and greater number of more and more deadly weapons. To restore some sort of sanity and reduce the carnage, it will be necessary to slow this process at each corner of the triangle.
Thibido and Sheahen are both representing Perdue in the suit against Torrance, which will be presented before federal court
The recent debate about the use of drones in warfare, and the possible use of armed drones against American citizens, reveals an interesting aspect of our attitudes about manned and unmanned machines.
"The inconsistencies in Dorner's various explanations as to why there was a delay in his reporting the alleged kicks to a
Distributed by MCT Information Services Staff Writers Rick Orlov and Larry Altman contributed to this report. Dorner had
"I think they're testing the waters," said Stephen Tibbetts, a criminology professor at Cal State San Bernardino, who sees
In 2010, Foster sent Wright a text message depicting one yellow duckling with its arms raised above its head while standing
. The secret, widespread, and unchecked use of drones to kill has been controversial, contentious, and increasingly condemned by human rights groups and both Democrats and Republicans in congress.
Mertz notes that the LAPD employs over 10,700 sworn personnel. When Dorner went on the run last February, he publicly posted
The City of Los Angeles will step up to provide $40,000 to shooting victims Margie Carranza and Emma Hernandez after the
While looking for Dorner, LAPD shot at a mom & daughter, spraying their truck with bullets and injuring one. We get the latest from HP LA Editor and the family's atty.
On February 12, I turned on CNN and watched my childhood home burn down. "Surreal" is an insufficient word. 2013-03-05-spicerpull.jpg
It's easy to say that Dorner could have expressed his grief in a productive way. But by acting on his sense of vengeance, Dorner has shown us how susceptible we are to participating in the cycle of abuse.
"Mantengan cerca a sus seres queridos, porque nadie tiene el futuro asegurado", agregó Kevin Jr., su hermano mayor. Kevin
LAS VEGAS, NV: In the days after his lethal rebellion and violent death, Christopher Dorner has become many things to many
“We decided to try and get the children out of the house to instill some normalcy in their lives,” Sgt. Emada Tingirides
"They had to take aggressive police action to stop that," Beck said. "They had already lost one deputy and nearly lost another