Christopher Dorner

In 1984 Bernie Goetz shot four black teenagers in the subway because, he concluded, they would rob him or worse. He left one man a paraplegic with permanent brain damage. The so-called "Subway Vigilante" eventually turned himself into police but not before receiving nation-wide support from segments of the public, including media outlets, who hailed him as a hero.
I admit there is a lot that I don't know about the capture of Frein, however, what I do know is that a young black man, in South Carolina, was asked to show his driver's license to an officer and was shot several times.
Americans are now eight times more likely to die in a police confrontation than they are to be killed by a terrorist.
So the cycle goes on and gives us a greater and greater number of more and more deadly weapons. To restore some sort of sanity and reduce the carnage, it will be necessary to slow this process at each corner of the triangle.
The City of Torrance reached a settlement with the registered owner of the vehicle that was driven by Mr Perdue and was damaged
The recent debate about the use of drones in warfare, and the possible use of armed drones against American citizens, reveals an interesting aspect of our attitudes about manned and unmanned machines.
Also, he said, Dorner passed up several opportunities in that time period to lodge a complaint against the training officer
Riverside County didn't announce it was offering its reward until Feb. 13, the day after the deadly standoff in the San Bernardino
It was a case of the older, authoritative leader and the younger follower. As the Dorner case unfolded, police agencies involved
The city argued that Wright failed for many months to report the incidents and that Wright laughed at the racist jokes. Wright's
. The secret, widespread, and unchecked use of drones to kill has been controversial, contentious, and increasingly condemned by human rights groups and both Democrats and Republicans in congress.
Another former LAPD officer named Joe Jones also went public with his own story, saying he experienced the same LAPD corruption
"What we did today was work on the narrow, small end of the funnel," said Trutanich. "We got rid of the small portion of
While looking for Dorner, LAPD shot at a mom & daughter, spraying their truck with bullets and injuring one. We get the latest from HP LA Editor and the family's atty.
On February 12, I turned on CNN and watched my childhood home burn down. "Surreal" is an insufficient word. 2013-03-05-spicerpull.jpg
It's easy to say that Dorner could have expressed his grief in a productive way. But by acting on his sense of vengeance, Dorner has shown us how susceptible we are to participating in the cycle of abuse.
LAS VEGAS, NV: In the days after his lethal rebellion and violent death, Christopher Dorner has become many things to many
On Feb. 6, the LAPD announced finding Dorner's manifesto online, and put mentioned officers and their families under police
Beck noted that a complete review of the Dorner manhunt is ongoing, including the repercussions of Dorner's infamous manifesto
“Many black men will deny it,” said Bracy. “They know that something very wrong is happening, but they struggle to be just