Christopher Wray

President Trump’s defense attorney Rudy Giuliani is now calling for the immediate suspension of the Mueller investigation.
The FBI and DOJ have agreed to give President Trump’s legal team a sneak peak at some of the classified Russia investigation documents.
Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) questioned Christopher Wray on the FBI’s knowledge of Rob Porter’s domestic abuse allegations.
Christopher Wray said the FBI turned in a partial report about the domestic abuse accusations nearly a year ago.
“I encourage our folks not to get too hung up on ... the noise on TV and in social media," said Christopher Wray.
“The work you do is what will endure,” he says after release of the GOP memo.
The Oval Office meeting left McCabe feeling "disturbed," according to reports.
In the entire 128-year existence of the Wall Street Journal, they have never criticized the Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBI Director Christopher Wray, who replaced fired former Director James Comey, said the bureau must embrace change.
All 20 members of the committee voted to advance the nomination.
Christopher Wray indicated that support from FBI agents and federal prosecutors led him to accept the nomination to replace James Comey.
Christopher Wray called one-on-one meetings between the president and the FBI director "very unusual."
One day before former FBI Director James Comey is set to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee, President Donald Trump nominates attorney Christopher A. Wray as the new FBI Director.