Chuck Hagel

The former two-term GOP senator from Nebraska said Trump is “doing great damage to our country internationally.”
Or, "When Sleazy Comes Easy."
The American mainstream press has both neglected and disparaged Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh recently for reporting on how, for more than two years, senior U.S. military leaders subverted President Obama's strategy to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad, with some attacking Hersh for having the temerity to rely on unnamed sources.
A bipartisan coalition will work to reverse what one said was "destroying us from the inside."
The conservative play on Benghazi and Clinton's emails is nothing short of despicable. Perhaps we are witnessing the consequences of a right wing reeling from Obama's successful presidency; perhaps this is a manifestation of conservative desperation.
Emails released on July 31 by the U.S. State Department reveal more about the origins of energy reform efforts in Mexico. The State Department released them as part of the once-a-month rolling release schedule for emails generated by former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, now a Democratic presidential candidate.
"I disagree with that assessment," Johnson tells a questioner at the event, which the Democrat-aligned political group American
President Obama would make the world a much safer place if he took U.S. land-based nuclear missiles off hair-trigger alert. He has called the policy a "dangerous relic of the Cold War," and a number of high-ranking military officers and government officials agree. So why hasn't Obama done anything about it?
Carter, 60, who was approved in a 93-5 vote, served as deputy defense secretary, the Pentagon's No. 2 position, from 2011
Someone get Chuck Hagel a frame for his government ID card. If some members of Congress get their way, that might be the
This viral gay marriage proposal happened in 2013, just two short years after the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." A gay
Every year brings a fresh crop of job-changers. Some are shoved out of the office involuntarily, others pick the time and circumstances. We're grateful to the following who chronicled their departures with a resignation letter in 2014.
Watch Hagel's message above. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is, in Washington terms, a man with an expiration date. By
2014- Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and his wife Lilibet deliver a holiday message to service members and their families.
* Hagel confirms 10,800 troops to stay in Afghanistan for several months * Republican critics warn drawdown could reverse