Chuck Schumer

The FAA was forced to ground thousands of flights last week after a mass outage of a key safety system.
"It’s not just buzzing around," Lemon told Schumer after his comment on Friday.
The Senate majority leader said he hopes the House GOP will reject extremists within their ranks.
The bill, now going to the House, will finance federal agencies through September, aid Ukraine and provide help to places impacted by natural disasters.
Anti-monopolists are blaming Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) for the demise of two bills aimed at limiting corporate power.
The outgoing House speaker said there was “a need for an intervention" with the former president.
Three moderate bills aimed at reining in Big Tech excesses have bipartisan support, but industry leaders have gone to great lengths to stop them.
The Senate majority leader told HuffPost his goal is to “achieve balance” on every appeals court in the next two years with Biden’s judicial picks.
A bipartisan update to the Electoral Count Act is likely to be in Congress’ must-pass end-of-year budget legislation, the Senate majority leader said.
Sen. Chuck Schumer will helm a bolstered 51-seat majority for a new era of divided government in Congress.