Chuck Schumer

“We are both hopeful she can return next week," the Senate majority leader's notes state.
The symbolic resolution would set up a contrast with House Republicans, who have failed to vote on their own promised resolution praising law enforcement.
“They’re letting the MAGA extreme wing of their party run the whole show," the New York Democrat warned after a judge halted FDA approval of abortion pills.
The Senate leader donated campaign contributions related to the failed bank to charities, a spokesperson said.
The Senate majority leader urged MSNBC viewers to do one thing about the conservative network.
Democrat Chuck Schumer said the GOP House speaker's decision poses “grave security risks” to members of Congress and Capitol Hill staffers.
Republicans say they won't touch Social Security and Medicare, but they haven't made a similar vow about Medicaid, which covers about one in four Americans.
The FAA was forced to ground thousands of flights last week after a mass outage of a key safety system.
"It’s not just buzzing around," Lemon told Schumer after his comment on Friday.
The Senate majority leader said he hopes the House GOP will reject extremists within their ranks.