“It’s no longer a democracy if an autocrat has it in his hands," the former CIA director warned.
The timeline raises questions about how the White House and the Justice Department handled the complaint, the AP reports.
The anonymous CIA officer went to the inspector general after he became concerned about how the spy agency’s top lawyer handled his allegations.
A photo that president tweeted to 64 million followers could help U.S. adversaries determine details of U.S. surveillance capabilities, experts warned.
The announcement comes as Iran’s nuclear deal with world powers is unraveling.
It's the latest example of the president siding with foreign adversaries over his own intelligence agencies.
“I want to serve my country again,” says the former CIA operative turned Democratic candidate from New Mexico.
David S. Cohen, the former deputy director of the CIA, had a 15-second appearance in Sunday's episode.
The former CIA operative said she's thinking about running for office in 2020.
“Too bad vibranium isn’t real,” lamented one tweet about the film's magical metal. It would be “great for spies, right?”
A former CIA chief of staff tells her that Putin's alleged advice to Trump on North Korea's capabilities would have been aimed at undermining U.S. missile defense.
Despite heavy White House pressure, U.S. intelligence officials did their job when it came to investigating Jamal Khashoggi's murder.
It’s not just “a single flawed system that needed to be fixed,” according to one former CIA official. “It was a universe of systems.”
Sixteen years ago, the CIA detained and tortured Gul Rahman until he died of hypothermia — but the agency never notified his family he died in its custody.
The agency reportedly concluded that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the journalist’s murder.
"These are frightening times," former CIA director tells Rachel Maddow.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders says Brennan, a vocal critic of the president, has exhibited "erratic conduct and behavior."
Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirms Trump wants to strip security clearances from officials who have criticized him.
Trump is trying to "delegitimize the Mueller investigation," Michael Hayden said.