Cindy McCain

The job is "hers if she wants it," an insider told the London Times.
"The View" co-host responded to the news with a priceless meme of her father, the late Sen. John McCain.
John McCain's widow speaks out about why she endorsed Joe Biden.
“Trump ... has to look like a normal, compassionate, empathetic human being,” McCain said. Co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar giggled.
McCain said that the Democratic presidential nominee is the only candidate in the presidential race who “stands up for our values as a nation.”
John McCain's widow says the late Republican senator had a warm friendship with the former Democratic vice president.
The late Arizona senator's wife said that without her husband, Republicans are less likely to stand against Trump.
"He was very frustrated with what was going on then and I think now he’d be even more frustrated," she said.
The message from acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan directly contradicts Mick Mulvaney's claim that efforts to hide USS John McCain were "not unreasonable."
John McCain's youngest daughter confirmed her family didn't invite the president to the senator's funeral in August.