Cindy McCain

"He was very frustrated with what was going on then and I think now he’d be even more frustrated," she said.
The message from acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan directly contradicts Mick Mulvaney's claim that efforts to hide USS John McCain were "not unreasonable."
John McCain's youngest daughter confirmed her family didn't invite the president to the senator's funeral in August.
The hateful note came on the same day President Trump told reporters he "never will be" a fan of the late Arizona senator.
Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin mocked late Republican Senator John McCain in her speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference.
The late senator's wife had a terse but tart response to the criticism.
Cindy McCain, the widow of Sen. John McCain (R), said she witnessed human trafficking by “a woman of a different ethnicity than the child” at the Phoenix, Ariz., airport. She later apologized for the mistake.
John McCain's widow said she witnessed a woman trafficking a child "of a different ethnicity" at the Phoenix airport. She later apologized for the mistake.
"It has been, at times, hard for me to listen to him about my husband, I'll be honest," Cindy McCain said in her first interview since John McCain's death.
"We're going to keep fighting for the America John believed in everyday," McCain wrote after the coin toss.
It will be her first public appearance since Sen. John McCain's memorials.
The late senator picked the historic site overlooking the Severn River, not Arlington National Cemetery, where his father and grandfather were buried.
The former president paid tribute to the late senator while delivering what appeared to be a jab at Donald Trump.
The senator's daughter Meghan McCain was visibly emotional during the memorial in the state Capitol.
“His love and his care ... took me from a girl to a woman. And he showed me what it is to be a man," the senator's daughter tweeted.
The senator earned respect from both sides of the aisle, and tributes from the likes of Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and Paul Ryan are proof.
“It doesn’t matter. He’s dying anyway,” Kelly Sadler said of Sen. John McCain, who is at odds with the president over his CIA nominee.
"You're a disgrace. Apologize to the entire McCain family, then resign."
The aide reportedly tossed out the cruel remark in response to the senator's opposition to the CIA director nominee.