Civil Rights

A line originally used by an aggressive Miami police chief prompted Twitter to issue another content warning for the president's tweets.
Trump's attorney general said the Justice Department could challenge COVID-19-related infringements on constitutional rights and civil liberties.
Trump didn't comment on the comparison but said he agrees that there is "injustice" concerning the COVID-19 safety measures.
Rustin, who co-organized the March on Washington in 1963, was jailed for having gay sex nearly 70 years ago.
"Once they take away the rights of one group, the rest of us are not going to be safe,” said one Iranian American detained for over 11 hours at the U.S. border.
The civil rights icon said he will continue to serve as he begins his plans for treatment.
Some of the most conservative corners of the country passed local laws to protect LGBTQ people this year, bolstering the argument for state and federal protections.
Honolulu police Officer John Rabago pleaded guilty to denying the man his civil rights.
The memorial was unveiled on Sunday, the 64th anniversary of Parks' refusal to give up her bus seat for a white man.
Reed's inauguration is historic in the majority-Black city’s 200-year history.