Civil Rights

Transgender and gender nonconforming people say they have been pressured to expose their genitals during TSA searches at airports.
President Trump's been gaslighting the country on the subject of LGBTQ rights since his inauguration.
A photo recently circulated of three University of Mississippi students posing with guns beside a bullet-pocked sign honoring the lynching victim.
The former vice president addressed criticism from Sen. Kamala Harris during the Democratic primary debate.
Ta-Nehisi Coates testified before Congress in support of reparations for slavery.
In a letter shared exclusively with HuffPost, 34 organizations demand the state legislature support repealing the "walking while trans" ban.
The controversial legislation means LGBTQ people can face up to 14 years in prison if convicted of homosexual acts.
The civil rights icon helped organize a rally to support the congresswoman on Capitol Hill on Tuesday.
The issue is whether Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits sex discrimination, protects LGBTQ people from job discrimination.
For centuries, women have been using their words to educate and inspire — from Coretta Scott King’s tales from the frontlines
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The former secretary of state called for a “21st-century civil rights movement” to defend the franchise.
How does our failure to teach about slavery’s brutal legacy affect our ability to solve the issues facing our country today?
The president "finally said something honest at the National Prayer Breakfast," quipped one person.
The institute sparked outrage after it rescinded an award to the longtime civil rights activist, with speculation it was due to her activism for Palestinian rights.
An activist and a student are arguing that the ban violates their right to equality under the Basic Law, the city’s mini-constitution.
For many, achieving the American Dream depends on access to public transit.
Facing an onslaught of civil rights abuses, NAACP lawyers Sherrilyn Ifill and Janai Nelson are making history in real time.
Charges for the St. Louis cops include “deprivation of constitutional rights, conspiracy to obstruct justice, destruction of evidence, and obstruction of justice.”