Raja, who contributed to dozens of stories for the news network, struck a defiant tone after losing his gig.
AT&T will combine its massive media operations that include CNN HBO, TNT and TBS in a $43 billion deal with Discovery
"Everybody calm down," the "CNN Tonight" anchor said in a video clarifying his on-air comments.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told a reporter that Marjorie Taylor Greene “needs some help” from a “proper professional.”
“We have sirens. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go," CNN Jerusalem correspondent Hadas Gold told her crew as the warning sounded in Ashkelon, north of Gaza.
Does anybody care about sharing airtime with a guy who said "nothing" existed in America before white colonizers arrived?
The CNN host said Fox News and other Trump supporters are putting the "cult" into "cancel culture."
“I was wrong about Ted Cruz.” Sen. Ted Cruz’s former running mate, Carly Fiorina, criticized her former ally for selling out to Donald Trump.
Sen. Josh Hawley can’t stop complaining about being canceled, even though he has constantly appeared on cable news and the internet.
"CNN intrinsically ties itself to a blatantly racist commentator" by going silent after his comments about Native Americans, say the groups.