Pamela Brown persistently grilled Trump's evasive lawyer Drew Findling about the ex-president's call to Georgia asking for more votes to overturn the election.
"Prosecute me for what?" asked Fauci, who has previously referred to the Twitter CEO's attacks as "merely a distraction."
GOP Gov. Glenn Youngkin dodged the student's question about his anti-trans policies.
Kasie Hunt said her husband delivered their daughter "before we even had time to dial 911."
The "CNN This Morning" anchor will return to work Wednesday.
Former Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan, a CNN political commentator, said Fox News' reporting has been "hard" on the Republican Party.
The CNN anchor, who took a scheduled day off on Friday, apologized for his controversial comment last week.
After saying Haley "wouldn’t be in her prime according to Google,” Lemon tweeted that “a woman’s age doesn’t define her ... personally or professionally."
Justices did not seem to take information security to be a serious matter, according to CNN.
Frederik Pleitgen, who was reporting in Kramatorsk during the attack, said Russia's war in Ukraine is one of "the most dangerous" he's ever covered.