The George Washington Mount Vernon Estate has been unable to definitively trace the actual origin of the quote.
The exchange between the two came in a week that featured high-profile mass shootings at a Colorado nightclub and at a Walmart in Virginia.
The NYU professor described the billionaire as "unwinding" amid the recent chaos at Twitter.
The TV personality also told his “Watch What Happens Live” audience that he now intends to “party harder” on New Year's Eve with Anderson Cooper.
The Republican commentator went after the president for failing to do one simple thing.
Scott Jennings, who served under George W. Bush, lashed out at Barack Obama's deputy chief of staff Jim Messina.
Franken questioned whether a GOP commentator could push advice to Republicans and “tell them to stop foisting" false 2020 election claims.
Gay Shark, a fixture on Cohen’s "Watch What Happens Live" program, showed a crowd this week that a familiar face was inside the costume.
The anchor looked back on his nightly show ahead of his move to a morning shift.
In a CNN interview, the official appeared to dismiss any link between hurricanes and climate change — but the moment wasn't what it seemed.