Alice Stewart, a CNN political commentator and veteran political adviser who worked on a number of GOP presidential campaigns, has died at age 58.
The former president had suggested that his successor was reluctant to debate him. But on Wednesday, that claim was thrown out the window.
Donald Trump shouted about the case against him in remarks to reporters outside the Manhattan courtroom.
“The View” co-host opened up to CNN’s Anderson Cooper about the question she asked herself after she thought “about leaving.”
“The guy is not a democrat with a small d,” the president told CNN's Erin Burnett.
Derrick Evans, now running for Congress, gave a jaw-dropping interview to CNN.
CNN’s Brynn Gingras said the former president smirked when witness David Pecker recounted an exchange from January 2017.
Elizabeth Williams said the former president often appeared to have his eyes shut, but his demeanor changed during one particular episode.
"They simply want to be heard, and they will shout to be heard," said Republican pollster Frank Luntz as he reflected on the chaotic video.
CNN's Elie Honig had some thoughts on the alternate jurors in the hush money trial.