Jeff Shell, the chief executive of NBCUniversal, is departing the company after an investigation into inappropriate conduct, Comcast announced Sunday.
AT&T, Comcast, Philip Morris, Walmart, Verizon, GM and Pfizer were among the most prolific.
The senators say they’re worried about the message it sends if MSNBC hosts a debate before a commitment is made to an outside investigation.
The small, family-owned network based in San Diego is challenging Fox News for conservative cable and satellite TV viewers.
The corporation will instead focus on its offer to acquire 61 percent of European media company Sky.
The Fox assets have been the subject of a bidding war between Comcast and Disney.
Three people were arrested during the rowdy celebrations.
We'd like to apologize in advance to HuffPost readers who don't get their internet from Verizon.
In the future, your internet bill will be even more confusing. But the fight isn't over.