Michael Bloomberg's veto put him on the opposite side of reproductive rights groups, who strongly backed the measure.
Doctors share how some contraception methods can affect your libido and what to do about it.
The Source, a network of conservative Christian pregnancy centers in Texas, is planning to offer women certain contraceptives but won't provide abortions.
Several 2020 Democratic candidates signed on to a similar bill in the Senate, to make birth control available without a prescription and covered by insurance.
Most men expect and assume women will “take care of” contraception and can barely be bothered to use a condom.
The ruling criticizes changes that would transform birth control coverage from an entitlement to a "gratuitous benefit."
It "cannot be right" that a government entity "imposes its own version of morality on each of us," the district judge said.
We’ve run enough campaigns to know that things can get pretty silly towards the end. The dubious claims and accusations start
Faith-based pregnancy centers don't want to talk about contraception, abortion.
Enough bullshit. Nearly the majority of sex offenders are men. So stop blaming women for sexual assault. It’s not the clothes
Why deny American women services to which they are legally entitled?
When I visited Uganda last year, I met a woman named Sarah*. As she relayed, from the moment she was born, Sarah’s life was
The Catholic Church and other conservative Christian groups have successfully reframed the religious freedom debate.