Cop Killer

And Luis Bracamontes was released after a drug charge by former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a Trump supporter.
It scares the hell out of me that we will not have another generation of good cops coming onto police departments because of the hatred and political environment. I don't want any of our family members or friends to join the police department, but I also don't want to live in a country where the people who should have been the cops don't want to be anymore.
Friends, family, and neighbors told ABC11 that they hope Thompson makes a full recovery after the attack early Saturday morning
Nine days after a gunman went on a deadly ambush at a state police barracks, authorities said Sunday they have recovered one of the weapons he was carrying and believe they are hot on his trail as he travels on foot through rugged forests in northeastern Pennsylvania.
A state trooper is dead and another injured after a shooting at a police barracks in Pennsylvania.
Karin Slaughter is a great writer. She proves it with every new book she writes. She is great; she is unique; she is profound. Her latest novel COP TOWN proves all of these facts.
Scroll down to read the entire manifesto. Click through below to see the main messages of Dorner's manifesto: He claims that
Antwon Carter, 24, of the 16800 block of South Broadway in Lockport was charged with one count of first degree murder, one
Twenty-five Chicago police officers are on their way to Springfield by chartered bus this morning to lend weight against
Jordan, who runs a "cyber-ministry" and claims to be a prophet, says Clemmons told him he was Jesus Christ. According to
Growing up as a black man in that city, I always felt vulnerable to thugs like police killer Lovelle Mixon, and to police