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If you've been sick for what feels like forever, you might just have a co-infection. Here's how to tell.
There may be a big shift in the CDC's recommendation for people who are sick with COVID-19 — and infectious disease experts have thoughts.
Here are the first red flags that may appear — even before you test positive.
The proposed rule change would treat COVID-19 more like other common respiratory illnesses like the flu and RSV.
The former president’s latest gaffe led to a quick reminder of one of his administration’s biggest failures.
A study in the journal Science found a pattern in patients' blood proteins that could explain why some suffer from persistent symptoms, like fatigue and pain.
Doctors share the warning signs of a severe infection and what warrants a visit with a doctor.
The former president's son looked back on his father's administration as he knocked "Bidenomics" at an Iowa campaign event.
Hospital admissions jumped 42% in nearly 50 countries, mostly in Europe and the Americas. Other places, however, haven't been reporting cases.
Federal health officials, as well as other medical experts, have dismissed Dr. Joseph Ladapo's concerns as factually inaccurate and dangerous to human health.