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A recent study counted 905,000 coronavirus deaths in the U.S., nearly double the amount recorded by federal health officials.
"This Mother’s Day I would like a very cold hotel room, black out curtains, an Ambien, and no other human being present. Thank you in advance."
“Fox’s misinformation campaign against coronavirus science is not just a disservice to its viewership," said media watchdog group Media Matters for America.
Public health experts agree that official COVID-19 death tolls are undercounts, but there is disagreement over how high the actual tolls are.
Noto is known for its squid fishing, so town leaders decided a huge statue of the cephalopod could cook up interest from tourists.
On Mothers' Day, let's remind ourselves: Good enough is more than enough.
Is the coronavirus here to stay? Here's what infectious disease pros want you to know.
Congress has made life too easy for the unemployed, according to a pair of Republican governors.
Experts weigh in on the safety of air travel right now and relative risk of different seats on planes.
Airlines report a troubling rise in passenger misbehavior -- often involving refusal to wear face masks -- since the Capitol riot in January.