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Gatwick Airport will operate a daily 800-flight limit, partly because of an outbreak of COVID-19 within air traffic control.
Can you get all three vaccines at once? When's the best month to get them so you're protected this fall and winter? Here's what experts say.
COVID hospitalizations are rising across the U.S., but Florida has urged people under 65 to skip the latest booster.
Amid the latest COVID-19 wave, experts share what steps they're taking to prevent illness while still living their lives.
Cassidy Hutchinson explains why the then-president said "I’m not wearing this thing" in 2020.
Americans will again be able to order up to four free tests per household as coronavirus cases rise across the country.
Experts weigh in on this lesser-known potential symptom following an infection.
The Arkansas governor claimed the legislation, which replaces a similar ban that recently expired, aims to defend citizens’ “individual liberty.”
Trump tried to take credit for the vaccine rollout, while simultaneously telling his base he wasn't proud of helping millions get their shots.
Florida currently has more new COVID-19 hospitalizations than any other state.