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Thousands of mostly maskless attendees attended the Phoenix rally featuring the former president.
Tokyo is under its fourth state of emergency that will last through the Olympics and into the Paralympics next month.
The Department of Veterans Affairs has become the first major federal agency to require health care workers to get COVID-19 vaccines.
At the request of the FDA, the vaccine makers are expanding their trials with young children, seeking to better detect very rare heart issues.
"It’s truly revolting to hear a privileged ignoramus like yourself pretend to be a victim of segregation," one Twitter critic wrote, addressing the far-right lawmaker.
The new order, which also mandates weekly testing for anyone who doesn't get vaccinated, affects upward of 2.25 million people in the state.
Four months after lifting bans on evictions, states saw twice as many COVID-19 cases and five times more deaths, UCLA researchers found.
"The ADA is more than a law," Biden said. "It’s a testament to our character as a people, our character as Americans.”
The largest city on Georgia’s coast has seen an "alarming rise" in cases. The delta variant, low vaccination rates and large gatherings are believed responsible.
Monday’s announcement follows a similar mandate for employees at city-run hospitals and health clinics.