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"The virus is telling us what it can and will do if we don’t confront it properly," the infectious disease expert said.
World War II began in 1939. And the Spanish flu pandemic began in 1918.
Offenders risk imprisonment for two to five years and fines of up to $25,000.
As COVID-19 cases reach a new high around the globe, the U.S. notably struggles to contain the virus.
"It's not a goddamn joke," the Democrat tweeted after the Republican said maybe everyone should get $1 million, three soy lattes "and a foot massage."
The overwhelming majority of American adults say houses of worship should follow the same coronavirus rules as businesses, a Pew study suggests.
The "Pain and Glory" star's announcement coincided with his 60th birthday.
Several provinces have released results of serology testing for COVID-19 antibodies.
Weekly testing of pupils and teachers could be necessary in order to keep coronavirus transmission rates down, the children's commissioner says.
Critics lambasted the band after videos and photographs of the massive crowd at a South Dakota festival performance made the rounds on social media.