It was the first resolution adopted by the 193-member world body on the coronavirus pandemic.
The New York governor’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has made him a star, but progressives say the new state budget shows his true colors.
"We really should be," the nation's top infectious disease expert told CNN.
“We’ve known this. For a long time," CNN's chief medical correspondent said of Gov. Brian Kemp's admission.
Dr. Rishi Desai, who drew national attention for calling out the lack of testing in the United States, says he believes he has the COVID-19 infection.
"It shouldn't be on Asians to prove we're American by sacrifice," one Twitter user wrote in response to an op-ed written by the former 2020 hopeful.
The president’s son-in-law has taken on a significant role in the federal government’s COVID-19 response despite having no medical expertise.
Nine senators wrote letters this week to airline CEOs calling refunds a "moral" obligation after Congress approved a $50 billion bailout for the industry.
A new survey provides snapshots of the way daily life has fractured throughout the U.S.
The White House had already gutted the provision, the labor department figured out a way to do more damage.
When supermarkets allow reusable bags during the pandemic, the totes must be sanitized after every use. Here's how to clean them.
Feeling lonely during the coronavirus pandemic is normal. Therapists share little ways to feel more connected in isolation.
Going a bit stir-crazy? This app makes it easier to connect with friends while social distancing.
Everyone is looking to stock up during the coronavirus pandemic. Some supermarket store items are clearly more essential than others. (Even in a crisis, no one wants you, kale crust pizza.)
The recommendation, a reversal from previous guidance, will be targeted at areas with high community transmission of the coronavirus.
Looking for a new job? While many industries are enacting hiring freezes and layoffs, some are actively hiring because of COVID-19.
"That’s what this is all about ― collecting all of those precious things we take for granted," said Katie Eborall.
The El Paso County Republican Party questioned the reality of the deadly pandemic Wednesday in a now-deleted Facebook post.
“Mommy! Mommy, hurry up!” Janis Mackey Frayer’s son is seen yelling to his mom, who was covering the COVID-19 outbreak in China for NBC News.
By exploiting the coronavirus outbreak to eliminate abortion access, state officials are creating another public health crisis.