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"It's OK to not feel OK," the Duke of Cambridge said in a message to encourage people to care for their mental health during the coronavirus pandemic.
The "American Horror Story" actor said the coronavirus pandemic reminded him to "put value on things that are important and real."
Trump retweeted a post mocking Biden for wearing a mask to prevent spreading coronavirus, with the caption: “This might help explain why Trump doesn’t like to wear a mask in public.”
The "Hustlers" star also opened up about putting plans for a summer wedding to Alex Rodriguez on hold amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Most people working from home due to the coronavirus wouldn't be disappointed if the change were permanent, a new HuffPost/YouGov survey finds.
The pandemic will affect cleanliness protocols, the check-in process, buffets, minibars and more.
Some schools are considering requiring them in the fall. Many parents are ... skeptical.
Joe Biden’s campaign ripped President Donald Trump for golfing as the coronavirus death toll rises.
Christi Grimm, the agency's acting inspector general, led a report detailing hospitals' difficulty fighting the coronavirus. Trump called it "Another Fake Dossier!"