The White House rejected an offer from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the two sides remain far apart.
"Despite countless calls to free people from detention amid the rising rates of COVID-19 infection, ICE has done nothing — ICE is complicit in this loss of life."
"I would have expected them to do better," said the Microsoft co-founder, who has pledged hundreds of millions of dollars to coronavirus vaccine research.
Reality Winner’s mom says her daughter caught COVID-19 behind bars while convicted former Trump aides are set free from prison during the pandemic.
It was a tasteless choice, considering the U.S. coronavirus death toll has topped 160,000 and is projected to reach 300,000 by December.
In their own words, here's what teachers want to tell parents about going back to school during the coronavirus pandemic.
"The hoax is coming from inside the house," the progressive PAC MeidasTouch warned in its latest spot.
More than 62,500 cases were reported in the past 24 hours.
Former Trump aides are out of prison during the pandemic, while the woman who leaked information about Russian election interference is still behind bars.
From outbursts to changes in imaginative play, here's what to look for.