The fatphobic messaging around obesity and coronavirus risk, as well as pandemic weight gain, needs to change ASAP.
Thursday's announcement comes one day after the league hoped to play the game on Monday or Tuesday.
Nearly 38% of English-language news articles containing COVID-19 misinformation mentioned President Donald Trump, Cornell University researchers found.
JetBlue travelers will be able to pay $143 for a test administered by health care company Vault Health.
The league says Sunday's scheduled game will be played either Monday or Tuesday.
People with neanderthal DNA may have a higher risk of hospitalization and respiratory failure from the coronavirus.
"I’m eating less so the alcohol hits me more it’s called rationing maybe you’ve heard of it."
Mayor Bill de Blasio is threatening fines of up to $1,000 for those who refuse to wear masks.
The company announced widespread layoffs at Disney World and Disneyland, citing the coronavirus pandemic's disastrous economic impact.
"Our leadership really failed the American people, and they failed my family,” the lifelong conservative from Arizona said of his wife’s death.