Delivery of doses is set to begin this month to give Olympic delegations time to be fully vaccinated before arriving in Tokyo for the games, which open July 23.
The Fox News host was called out for spreading "unbelievably dishonest" misinformation about the coronavirus vaccine.
As vaccination rates increase in the U.S., developing nations — which have sought the patent waiver for months — are facing massive coronavirus outbreaks.
President Joe Biden had previously extended the CDC's ban on evictions through June due to the ongoing effects of the coronavirus crisis.
Pfizer plans to ask for approval to administer its COVID-19 vaccine to children ages 2 to 11.
The rate dropped for moms of every major race and ethnicity, and in nearly age group. The pandemic no doubt contributed to last year’s big decline, experts say.
There's a difference between walks and weddings. Experts break down the risks based on your COVID-19 vaccination status.
From abandoned malls to stadiums, the push to vaccinate as many people as quickly as possible has required some unique sites.
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