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During the coronavirus pandemic, people are spending more times in the kitchens to escape from the world around them.
As one meat clerk put it, "Last I checked, people are still dying."
Our editors have picked some of your most thought-provoking comments from last week’s top stories.
The company said 550 of the plant's 2,400 workers tested positive for the coronavirus.
Biden warned about the United States not being ready for a pandemic. Trump tweeted some head-scratching advice for Apple CEO Tim Cook.
As nail salons reopen, many are putting strict COVID-19 safety protocols in place for your next manicure or pedicure.
Trump won among voters 45 and older in 2016. But polls show he’s losing their support ― and his response to the pandemic may not be helping.
"There is no plan from the president, who warned against American carnage, with the carnage and chaos we are living through now."