A meeting of the Conservative Political Action Conference in Budapest kicked off this week with prominent American conservatives in attendance.
American Republicans have cozied up to Hungary's authoritarian leader, Viktor Orban, whose country is hosting the Conservative Political Action Conference.
Scuttling Roe v. Wade is a "good start" to allowing "our own people to live," Matt Schlapp told media at the conservative group's Budapest conference.
A weekend in Florida, a major conservative conference, a white nationalist "groyper" conference, and a doomed quest to determine the difference between the two.
As Ukrainians fight for their lives during the Russian invasion, the extremist lawmaker used their plight to nonsensically push her ideology.
In a straw poll, 85% said they would support his candidacy in 2024, up from 68% who said at last year's CPAC that he should run again.
This year's CPAC was still all about Donald Trump, but many attendees at the conference said they might be better off with another nominee.
In his CPAC speech, former President Donald Trump also addressed the Russian invasion of Ukraine and repeated false claims about the 2020 election being "rigged."
Trump praised Putin for four years, made excuses for his Crimea invasion, and tried to extort Ukraine’s president while holding hostage $391 million in aid.
"I know for a fact there was so much wrong in that election, and I believe it was stolen," Greene said at CPAC, but added: "Do I know how? No, I don’t know how.”