Gaetz is among the Republican lawmakers who have begun a 14-day quarantine amid the COVID-19 outbreak after attending the conservative political conference.
Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Paul Gosar said they aren't experiencing symptoms, but will still self-quarantine until 14 days have passed since the interaction at the conference.
Jerome Adams complimented Trump's health but offered little information about who has been or will be tested for coronavirus.
Maybe he shouldn't have kissed the flag at CPAC, hints Colin Jost.
The same week Trump refused to address horrifying anti-Muslim violence in India, a conservative conference honoring him is awash in Islamophobia.
The president can't seem to get the former FBI attorney's love life out of his head.
Donald Trump Jr. and White House officials continue to push the theory that Democrats are using the coronavirus to bring down the president.
Major media have been covering the COVID-19 coronavirus since January, when a widespread outbreak began in Wuhan, China, before spreading globally.
Matt Schlapp had previously said the senator wouldn’t be invited after he voted to call witnesses in Donald Trump's impeachment trial.
One suggests the Conservative Political Action Conference might want to fill his imagined empty seat with a white supremacist.