Matt Schlapp has denied the allegations put forth in a recently filed lawsuit.
Republicans were once the party of fiscally responsible conservatives who prided themselves on being Christians. Now the party has become a group of Karens demanding to speak to a manager.
"The Daily Show" host said he didn't think the story could get any crazier.
Former Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele dismissed the Colorado lawmaker's latest act as "performative bulls**t."
“Instead of dancing, you stand around and watch this guy cry,” said one journalist describing the bizarre scene.
A booth at CPAC featured a silent disco headset that played testimony from those arrested during the events of Jan. 6 but instead of dancing, participants just watched a man cry.
John Schnatter left Papa John's after he used a racial epithet on a conference call.
And those who call him a racist, antisemitic strongman are "simply idiots," the prime minister said.
Disgraced former President Donald Trump still has his arms wrapped about the GOP, even if some Republicans want to move on.
The Hungarian leader is still scheduled to appear at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas next week.