"Cruz really did start out his smarmy little tirade with a joke about the firestorm he caused," he said on "Late Night."
The hotel chain also attacked CPAC members who acted with "hostility" when they were asked to wear masks, risking the health of other hotel guests and employees.
South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem slammed Dr. Anthony Fauci, but he pointed out her state’s dismal record for COVID-19 deaths.
Donald Trump's niece shared a photo of a sunset during the former president's CPAC address.
Robert Unanue, who prompted calls to boycott Goya Foods last year with his Trump worship, is still spouting election falsehoods.
In a hypothetical 2024 GOP presidential primary race, 55% of the gathering's poll respondents pick Trump, which falls short of expectations.
The idea that Trump actually won the election was treated as dogma at the conservative gathering.
The former president used his speech at the conservative convention to bash the Democratic Party and President Joe Biden.
CPAC head Matt Schlapp angrily denied any resemblance and touted the organization's excellent relationship with the Jewish community.
Hayes said that conservatives at the conference were concerned more about Hasbro's upcoming gender-neutral Potato Head doll instead of actual governing.