Committee to Protect Journalists

"Need an outfit for @realDonaldTrump's Fake News Awards next week?"
A journalism group named the president among repressive leaders who "have gone out of their way to attack the press" and undermine free speech.
Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo were reporting on the Rohingya crisis in Rakhine State.
More than half are behind bars in Turkey, China and Egypt, says a new Committee to Protect Journalists report.
Dozens of journalists in the Philippines have been killed with impunity over the last decade.
Dozens of journalists have been slain in Somalia over the past decade, but none of their killers have been brought to justice.
The U.S. Press Freedom Tracker will catalog arrests, threats and assaults against journalists.
Seven reporters have been killed in Mexico so far this year.
The fact that so few voters seemed to be deterred by a candidate violently assaulting a reporter gives reason for pause.
Scores of media professionals have been detained amid the government's post-coup purge.
"The government must guarantee freedom of expression," a journalism professor said after the attack.
America, Donna Carpenter is proof that all hope is not lost.
At least 53 journalists have been deliberately killed in 2016 for doing their jobs.