Russia was ousted from the multinational group in 2014 after annexing Crimea. Trump did not mention Crimea or Russia's aggression in Ukraine in his remarks.
Ukraine has voted to impose martial law following the incident, which marks a serious escalation in tensions between the two countries.
Law enforcement initially suspected that the blast was caused by a gas canister blowing up.
Filya the lion just wanted some cuddles, so she hopped on a safari tour cart to get steal some quick hugs.
Ukrainian intelligence officials staged the reporter's death as part of a special operation to catch the people trying to kill him.
What the European Union’s 2014 Crimean sanctions can teach us today.
As Donald Trump tries to make America great again, he could be making Vladimir Putin even greater. Here’s why Vlad is bad news for the world.
This isn’t the end of a new “Cold War.” One meeting can’t erase half a year of unpredictability.
Had he been in charge in the eighties, "the Soviet Union would not have fallen apart.”
There has been a "significant increase" in propaganda from Moscow.
Deterrence is an objective, even as the Trump Administration responds to challenges with even more audacious assertions of
No position taken by President-elect Donald Trump more upsets leading Republican legislators than his desire to reconcile
D.T. Nukes. D.T. Right you are, Didi. I know that Rex has become a great friend of yours, and believe me, I'm just as eager
"Babi Yar spans a large area," Zissels told me in Kyiv during an interview. "It's difficult to observe what's happening there
News of the tests had angered the Kremlin, prompting it to put its air defense forces on high alert.
About the only reason to hope for a Clinton victory is her flawed opponent, Donald Trump. Yet despite his many failings, he remains superior to Clinton when it comes to foreign policy.