The tech giant filed a brief that says it employs hundreds of recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals because they "embody Apple's innovation strategy."
Undocumented professionals in education, activism and STEM share how uncertain futures shape their career ambitions.
The proposal would reinterpret U.S. law to give roughly 2 million migrants who arrived as youths a shot at becoming citizens.
“This place is our home and it doesn’t really matter what comes after. This is where we belong,” Park said during his ceremony at Gracie Mansion.
Under current law, Dreamers can’t work in paid positions in the House or Senate.
The Ohio congressman also said the U.S. should help solve problems in home countries before their citizens are seeking asylum at our borders.
The Mesa Airlines employee, who came to the U.S. as a toddler from Peru, said she trusted her bosses when they told her she could work on a flight to Mexico.
Trump adviser Stephen Miller struggled to back up his justification for a national emergency on the southern border.
Meng says Jin Park, an undocumented college student, will help highlight the inaction regarding DACA.
The president has to know the Democrats won’t give him wall funds without a serious concession on DACA.
President Donald Trump proposed extending protections for certain Dreamers as part of a compromise to end the government shutdown.
"He's a werewolf 29 days a month. And then there's a full moon, he turns into a human and you could talk to him."
To get his wall money, the president is offering protections for Dreamers and other immigrants.
The House speaker previously blocked efforts to help Dreamers.
The court said the Trump administration must continue the program, which protects hundreds of thousands of Dreamers from deportation.
The ousted attorney general was the face of the push to separate families at the border, end DACA and restrict asylum.
The president is trying to end both Temporary Protected Status for Salvadorans and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.