David Axelrod

Jon Stewart addressed rumors that Louis C.K. sexually harassed women in 2016 with an awkward response to a question on “The Axe Files.”
"All this information was cunningly concealed by being put in books," David Frum tweets.
A lot of familiar faces reappeared in the last month of Obama's presidency.
“My friend would try to get me into some of the after-parties ... and bouncers would be standing there saying, ‘Who’s this guy?’" Obama recalled.
"The majority does buy into the notion of one America that is tolerant and diverse and open," he said.
Trump is being Trump. Calculating, profit-minded, entrepreneurial. Which means, regardless of the psychology, there's really only one conclusion. Sorry America, but we're the fiddle and D-Trump is the Maestro.
The last presidential nominee of the Republican Party stepped out in public with a stinging tongue-lashing for the party's front-running candidate for president, warning of not only their party's welfare, but also lasting damage to the nation's future should this man win.
Last month Axelrod authoritatively declared a new piece of political conventional wisdom; Gun Violence Prevention is a winning political platform.
Mr. Axelrod's statement is exactly why I started The LAMP, which brings basic media literacy training and tools to communities nationwide, but I would add that the problem has to do with more than the media.