David Duke

Derek Black, the son of Don Black, who founded the white nationalist website Stormfront, was the heir apparent for his family’s cause — until something happened to change his mind.
The director, who refuses to refer to Donald Trump by his name, said "we just have to be smarter on who we vote."
The two-time WWE champ turned UFC fighter called out the president.
Plus candidates who've said white supremacist things, hung out with white supremacists, or talked to anti-Semitic publications.
Matthew Heimbach, head of the Traditionalist Worker Party, has been called "the next David Duke."
The backlash against his Santa Cruz business is an example of "terrorizing white European Americans into silence," the owner says.
They marched through the streets of Charlottesville with burning torches and shouting, “Jews will not replace us,” and, “Blood
President Donald Trump went off on reporters when asked about the KKK rally in Charlottesville, VA