David Hogg

"There are certain things that he’s leaving on the table that he can do right now," the Parkland shooting survivor said on the fourth anniversary of the tragedy.
Many of the student activists were publicly quiet when the 2018 shooter pleaded guilty last month.
"I just threw up in my mouth," one Twitter user responded.
The MyPillow competitor won't attempt "a white supremacist overthrow of the United States government," promised the Parkland school shooting survivor.
"I support you and you are valid," the school massacre survivor wrote to the congresswoman. "There are many more of us that support you than don’t."
The GOP lawmaker, facing major backlash over social media posts, admitted soon after that the 2018 high school shooting was not fake.
The Georgia Republican has suggested the school shootings that killed their children weren't real.
Hogg, a mass shooting survivor, calls the new GOP congresswoman a "bully."
Fred Guttenberg shared a video of the now-congresswoman following and yelling questions at the Parkland survivor in 2018.