David Rivera

David Rivera has been nothing but trouble for the senator as his political star has risen, and his presidential run is no
CORRECTION: This post has been updated to reflect Rivera funded a fake candidate in the 2012 election, not 2010. The Florida
Rivera still faces a federal investigation for allegedly financing a ringer candidate in the Democratic primary of 2012 to
Rivera announced in May that he would once again run for Congress even though he's also under a separate investigation -- by
It takes a lot to shock the political watchers of scandal-plagued South Florida. Both the FBI and U.S. Attorneys Office are
Ana Alliegro, a central player in a federal elections investigation of former Congressman David Rivera, returned from self
GRANADA, Nicaragua -- In this quaint colonial town, vigilant residents who keep close tabs on their neighbors know the enigmatic
In the lakeside tourist city of Granada, Nicaragua, visitors strolling along La Calle Libertad come upon a blue Colonial
A former candidate under FBI investigation with former U.S. Rep David Rivera is scheduled to be charged Friday with federal
At least some Florida Republicans may have cast their votes with an eye to the 2014 election, hoping to avoid either a primary
Incumbent David Rivera, a fierce opponent of Cuba's communist government, was beaten by fellow Cuban-American Joe Garcia
Bracing for embattled U.S. Rep. David Rivera to be indicted or lose his election, Republicans have started lining up potential
Putney laughed off the water in a segment aired Wednesday night. But Rivera, who remains under a previous federal investigation
Justin Lamar Sternad, whose failed congressional campaign became the subject of a federal grand-jury investigation, has told
When Justin Lamar Sternad met Ana Sol Alliegro at a Miller's Miami Falls Ale House, he didn't know the political consultant
A key witness in a federal investigation involving U.S. Rep. David Rivera failed to show up for an interview with prosecutors
Campaign vendors told the Miami Herald that Sternad was backed by Rivera. However, Rivera has insisted he has never met the