David Wood on War

Until then, veterans will be reluctant to talk about their experiences.
There is, of course, the small problem of making the handsome Fiennes convincing as physically ugly from stem to stern, but
82nd Airborne Division Paratroopers
The news marked a new frontier in a monthslong campaign in that country. American forces have dropped bombs on Islamic State
In the latest episode of Drinking & Talking, the Huffington Post's Sam Stein and David Wood, along with State Department
In mid-October the 2nd Brigade will become the core element of the U.S. Global Ready Force, on standing alert to assault into any trouble spot. Whether Congress debates it or not.
HuffPost's Pulitzer Prize winning journalist David Wood candidly explains why Congressional action is the worst approach to fixing the chronic problems within the VA.
Dr. Jan Kemp joins HuffPost Live to discuss suicide prevention in Va.
Andy Weiss joins HuffPost Live to discuss losing his son to suicide after he returned from combat.
Iraq War veterans Daniel Williams and Andrew O'Brien join HuffPost Live to discuss attempting suicide.