Debt Ceiling

A prolonged stalemate over border wall funding doesn’t bode well for lawmakers’ task of raising the debt ceiling next year.
They plan to use their leverage to push for legislation protecting young undocumented immigrants.
The last few days are showing how the resistance to the furious, insane and untrue statements of the President of the United
Some banks are willing to lower your interest rate or waive a fee. You just have to call them and ask nicely. Really. It
The early success of the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign surprised nearly everyone. His unapologetically liberal agenda lit a fire in the early Democratic primaries and caucuses, appealing in particular to young people and liberals.
The danger here is that some extremist members of Congress simply do not believe in government. They do not believe a shutdown
The bill could add $600 billion to the national debt over the next 10 years.
The United States has officially exhausted its supply of outrage and will begin borrowing massive amounts from China and Japan. "The Treasury has been using emergency measures for quite some time to conserve our ever-dwindling resources but, obviously, it wasn't enough," said Florence Didyall, Secretary of Moral Indignation.
Now that Congress has agreed to an overall budget for the next two years and raised the debt ceiling until 2017, and the U.S. House of Representatives has a new speaker in U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, the early conventional wisdom is that Washington has finally and mercifully turned the corner on governing by crisis.
One thing you ought not to do in poker is repeatedly overplay your hand -- and the same maxim applies to politics. House Republican conservatives, known as the so-called "Freedom Caucus," have done so repeatedly.
Cruz trounced the outsider candidates, while Rubio trampled some guy polling in the single digits.
Some hedge funds and lawyers are going to be paying Uncle Sam a little bit more.