Susanna Gibson is running for a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates in an election that could strip control of the chamber from Republicans.
Democrats conceded the majority to the GOP, which will take control of a legislature that had aggressively advanced progressive priorities on abortion, voting rights and other issues.
Facing political headwinds, Virginia Democrats are desperate to hold on to power in a state that has provided some of the party's biggest recent victories.
Moderates won the day in Virginia’s soon-to-be Democratic House as Eileen Filler-Corn beat out the left-leaning Lashrecse Aird.
With Democrats finally in control, the state is poised to take the ERA over a crucial hurdle.
Roem was first elected to the House of Delegates in 2017. She has since become a national political figure.
Republicans risk losing their last footholds of power in the Old Dominion.
Millions of Virginians are threatened by sea level rise, and climate change groups are working hard to elect Democrats who will combat the issue.
And Democrats controlling the Virginia state legislature in 2020 would have long-lasting effects for the party nationwide.
The court ruled that Republicans in the Virginia House of Delegates did not have standing to appeal a lower court ruling that struck down the old map.