And Democrats controlling the Virginia state legislature in 2020 would have long-lasting effects for the party nationwide.
The court ruled that Republicans in the Virginia House of Delegates did not have standing to appeal a lower court ruling that struck down the old map.
The court struck down 11 districts in the Virginia House of Delegates. Lawmakers have until Oct. 30 to redraw them.
A combined 43 million people owe more than $1.3 trillion in student loans. About 4.6 million of them were in default at the end of last year.
Virginia Del. Elizabeth Guzman (D) represents the new, more progressive face of the Democratic Party.
Republicans will retain control of the state's House of Delegates.
By proposing to give the oil industry absolute priority over the rest of society, and open 90 percent of America’s coastal
The wild election came down to picking names from a bowl and means the GOP keeps control of the House of Delegates.
The dramatic race in Virginia's House District 94 has dragged on for nearly two months since the election.
The name-drawing to determine the winner of House District 94, which could decide which party controls the chamber, is now scheduled for Jan. 4.
Virginia’s Board of Elections was scheduled to draw a name out of a bowl to determine the winner of a tied House race. That drawing has now been postponed.
On Wednesday, the state's Board of Elections had been scheduled to pick a name out of a bowl, in a race that would determine control of the state legislature.
Democratic candidates received more than 153,000 donations of $100 or less -- compared to about 7,000 for GOP candidates.
To break ties, most states draw straws, pick names from a hat or resort to other games of chance.