Democratic Caucus

The Minnesota Democrat never planned to be in Washington. She's quickly become one of progressive advocates’ boldest and most strategic leaders.
The lawmakers urged the U.S. Supreme Court chief justice to ensure that Samuel Alito recuses himself from cases involving regulation of the court.
"All options are on the table," including a possible a subpoena to require the Supreme Court justice's billionaire benefactor to answer questions.
The Pennsylvania Democrat had a near-fatal stroke last year, but tests showed that this episode of lightheadedness was not a stroke.
The veteran Democratic senator is now third in line to the presidency. "Well, today I’m second because Kevin McCarthy’s not speaker.”
Ben Ray Lujan (D-N.M.) and Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) rejected insinuations from GOP rival Mehmet Oz that Fetterman is not healthy enough for a Senate seat.
A Democratic poll, exclusively obtained by HuffPost, shows the first numbers on the compromise between Senate Democrats Manchin and Schumer.
Time is of the essence if the U.S. wants to avoid a global climate catastrophe, Democratic senators warned after hopes for climate legislation faded once again.
“I do not think this is the kind of person that a Democratic majority should put on the bench," Sen. Tim Kaine said of a Kentucky lawyer reportedly in the wings.
The party is hoping the first successful piece of gun control legislation in three decades will show Republicans they don’t need to fear the gun lobby.