Democratic National Committee

The DNC's decision also sets up a clash with New Hampshire, whose first-in-the-nation status is enshrined in state law.
“We thank the Democratic Party for standing with justice,” North Dakota state Rep. Ruth Anna Buffalo said of the support for the Native American rights activist.
“I love ’em, man," he said. "They ain’t got no shame."
Victim Of Trump University Scam Speaks At DNC
The Granite State is emphasizing its swing-state status to defend its first-in-the-nation position.
Acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney admitted to reporters that President Trump withheld foreign aid to Ukraine in part to pressure the country to open an investigation into the 2016 election and a conspiracy theory about the DNC’s hacked server.
The chair of the Texas Democratic Party has warned against a mismatch in resources, especially in South Texas.
According to a Capitol Police timeline obtained by Politico, the then-vice president-elect was evacuated seven minutes after the bomb was discovered.
The arrest comes just days before an anticipated far-right rally outside the U.S. Capitol, which Trump supporters stormed on Jan. 6.
Federal authorities also released a virtual map depicting the route they believe the suspect walked while planting the two pipe bombs the night of Jan. 5.