Democratic National Committee

But party Chairman Tom Perez has expressed concern such an event would fail to garner needed media attention.
Former Vice President Joe Biden called for the delay earlier this week, citing the coronavirus pandemic.
The Democratic presidential candidate said the country could still hold an election and fight the virus at the same time.
The decision is a major reversal for the billionaire who promised to spend “whatever it takes” to beat Donald Trump.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is ending her presidential campaign after a poor performance on Super Tuesday.
The former vice president clinched a convincing victory in the state's Democratic primary on Saturday.
Wednesday's nationally televised debate will give many voters their first unscripted look at Bloomberg, who qualified this week for his first debate.
The former New York City mayor will appear in Wednesday’s debate in Las Vegas alongside the rivals he's barely crossed paths with on the campaign trail.
If the Vermont senator and Democratic presidential hopeful does not get a majority of delegates, he could have a fight on his hands.
National party officials had extensive oversight over the development of the app that led to massive delays in reporting vote totals.
The rivals, who emerged from last week’s Iowa caucuses essentially tied, offer stark alternatives for the top of the Democratic ticket.
Asked if he's considered stepping down, Perez said "absolutely not."
"A margin of 6,000 votes is pretty decisive," the Vermont senator said.
His announcement follows days of waiting for final results from the chaotic caucus.
The new board is helmed by a surrogate for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.
Tom Perez said the app that did not properly report results will not be used in Nevada or other states going forward.
The MSNBC host responded to the Iowa Democratic Party's failure to release the results of the Iowa caucuses.
Campaigns no longer need to show they have grassroots support to make it to the debate stage.
Presidential candidates have helped resolve two labor disputes by refusing to cross picket lines. Imagine if employers always felt this kind of heat.
Just weeks before the first votes are counted, no governor is a serious contender in the Democratic race.