Democratic Party

The House voted 98-38 for a bill that already has cleared the state Senate by the three-fifths margin needed to bring the question before voters in 2024.
Democrats worry the third-party group could play a spoiler role in 2024.
Banning the social media platform could have a huge impact on the 2024 election season.
Key absences and discord within the Democratic caucus is preventing the president from filling critical posts.
The proposed bill hopes to stop customer gouging by requiring oil companies to disclose information about pricing to state regulators.
The Senate's top Democrats called the policy of family detention "morally reprehensible and ineffective as an immigration management tool."
The lawmakers argue that the Treasury Department could take immediate action against blatant tax avoidance schemes without waiting for Congress.
The CEO of the China-based platform is expected to testify before a House panel this week.
"I was consistently surprised by the smugness with which Northeasterners talked about Alabama without any apparent awareness of our own region’s history of racism."
The Biden administration has reportedly given TikTok's Chinese owners an ultimatum to either sell the platform or risk its ban in the U.S.