Democratic Party

The New York lawmaker, a rising star in the Democratic Party, responded eloquently with a poem channeling the late Rep. Elijah Cummings.
Joe Biden's running mate was close friends with his eldest son, who died in 2015.
“America is crying out for leadership," Harris said of Trump's presidency in her first appearance as Biden’s running mate in Delaware.
There will be no adoring throngs that would greet a new running mate in a routine campaign.
Joe Biden has picked the senator from California to be his running mate. It's a momentous choice for many reasons.
Joe Biden has picked Sen. Kamala Harris to be his running mate. But her background as a prosecutor means she could have a tough time winning over progressives
Candace Valenzuela won her primary in Texas on a progressive platform and now faces a Republican opponent, with a chance to make history in November.
The Holyoke, Massachusetts, mayor challenging Rep. Richard Neal (D) is accused of abusing his power for sexual gain.
President Donald Trump attempted to sidestep Congress after negotiations between Democrats and Republicans remain at an impasse over new coronavirus aid.
The postmaster general offered a gloomy picture of the agency while also claiming it is prepared for an increase in mail-in ballots in November.