Democratic Party

The former (and future?) Senate candidate outlines his vision for how Democrats can rebuild in the parts of the country that have delivered their biggest defeats.
Republican lawmakers will soon be forced into a moment of truth as one Trump court case after another topples.
The president remains fixated in his unprecedented attempt to maintain his grasp on power to delegitimize Biden's win.
President-elect Joe Biden's administration has “many priorities,” Sen. Dick Durbin said. “Those should not be the first.”
The 33-year-old Barnes spoke with HuffPost about Donald Trump’s unexpectedly strong performance in the state and offered his advice for the future of the party.
The gathering may be a long-shot attempt to subvert the process that saw Democrat Joe Biden win the battleground state.
Progressives are pushing Joe Biden to move to eliminate student debt on his first day as president and thus stimulate the economy.
President-elect Joe Biden criticized Donald Trump for refusing to acknowledge his election loss.
What alarms many Democrats is a growing gap between their popular vote tallies and their political power.
Years of local organizing flipped Georgia in the presidential race and inspired hope that progressives are "on the right track" in other Southern states.