Democratic Party

After months of internal debate, Democrats agreed among themselves about funding the police and promoting best practices.
Special interest groups have spent billions of dollars trying to influence elections. Much of it has been fueled by anonymous donors.
Republicans have outspent Democrats by $1.6 million in the past two weeks with early voting beginning soon.
Departures of longtime members are making the party’s narrow path to holding the House even more difficult.
With seven weeks until Election Day, Democratic leaders are seeking to put Republicans on the defensive over the corrosive influence of money in politics.
The party’s climate and health care package has done more to help its political fortunes than the bipartisan agreement.
Democrats are hammering Republicans in dozens of ads across the country on their opposition to abortion access.
An eleventh-hour deal between unions and rail companies has averted a strike that would have caused widespread disruption to passengers and businesses.
The same bill getting all the blame for inflation gets some credit for reducing material hardship last year.
The former attorney general had the perfect comeback to a weak insult from his old boss.