The coronavirus mutant widely known as “stealth omicron” is now causing more than a third of new omicron cases around the world.
Queen Margrethe is Europe’s second longest reigning monarch after Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.
They slept in the beds that are usually on show in the Aalborg, Denmark, store.
The Kunsten Museum of Modern Art gave Jens Haaning almost $84,000 to create a new artwork. He submitted two blank canvases, titled “Take the Money and Run.”
The "Last Week Tonight" host's revelation was inspired by a children's show called “John Dillermand," about a man with... well...
Denmark's top court has been asked to decide if coughing at someone while shouting “corona” constitutes threatening behavior.
Gases are pushing the carcasses of minks killed in Denmark out of their shallow burial spot.
Hundreds of human coronavirus cases in Denmark have been linked to farmed minks, including 12 people who contracted a mutated form of the virus.
Even amid the pandemic, the battle between the U.S., China and others over Greenland's future is raging.