Denmark's top court has been asked to decide if coughing at someone while shouting “corona” constitutes threatening behavior.
Gases are pushing the carcasses of minks killed in Denmark out of their shallow burial spot.
Hundreds of human coronavirus cases in Denmark have been linked to farmed minks, including 12 people who contracted a mutated form of the virus.
Even amid the pandemic, the battle between the U.S., China and others over Greenland's future is raging.
As some European nations reveal plans to gradually reopen society, Britain and France say even discussing lifting coronavirus restrictions would be a mistake.
There has been a fundamental change and realignment of British politics and political identity, and the country has shifted in a way that I do not recognize.
Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl, which are used to make products stain- and water-resistant, have been linked to adverse health effects.
Danes have a blast mocking president who ducked out after his plan to buy Greenland was slapped down as "absurd."
The comedian is hilariously determined to fulfill the president's desire to buy the territory from Denmark.