Dennis Kucinich

A look back at the figures whom history has proven right about the war in Iraq.
Democrat Richard Cordray will face Republican Mike DeWine in November.
“It's not just baggage. It's funky baggage. What Democrat is friendly with Assad?” one elected official said.
The former congressman is seeking the Democratic nomination in Ohio's gubernatorial race and recently revealed he accepted $20,000 from a pro-Assad group.
A representative for the former congressman and Fox News contributor says the move was a "procedural step in a potential run."
The 2016 Presidential election is a watershed for two movements long marginalized by both major political parties. For the Republicans, the nomination of Donald Trump symbolized the re-emergence of paleoconservatives. On the left, the return of the progressives.
She conveyed "grace" and doesn't deserve attacks over plagiarism, said the former Democratic congressman.