Department of Education

Joe Biden criticized Betsy DeVos after she, along with President Donald Trump, vowed to reopen schools amid the coronavirus pandemic.
The Democratic presidential candidate reveals how he'll replace Trump's education secretary.
The education secretary's new Title IX rule adds protections for the accused and lets schools skirt responsibility for assaults entirely if they take place off-campus.
A vast majority of schools have shut down to combat the spread of the Coronavirus.
Exclusive: Dwayne Bensing says he faced retaliation for reporting the department’s fast-track treatment of a case affecting transgender students.
Critics said the order is based on stalled legislation designed less to combat anti-Semitism than to crack down on campus critics of Israel.
The order would empower the Department of Education to withhold funding from institutions that fail to take sufficient action against anti-Semitism on campus.
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is one of the Trump administration's most reviled Cabinet members. Here’s why she’s here to stay.
The Education Department improperly tried collecting on loans to former students defrauded by the defunct for-profit chain Corinthian Colleges.
The federal student loan system is "fundamentally broken," A. Wayne Johnson said.