Detained Children

A new lawsuit demands the release of thousands of immigrant families being held in ICE detention.
Under a secret plan by Trump aide Stephen Miller, federal agents could gather information to target migrants for deportation, The Washington Post reports.
Caliburn opts not to pay the president for a party after CBS reveals the invitations from a company making hundreds of millions of dollars on detained children.
The new guidelines would rip up a long-standing set of protections known as the Flores settlement.
Concerned over the conditions at the detention centers, doctors urged lawmakers earlier this month to investigate the flu-related deaths of three children.
In addition, more than 25 kids were separated from their parents for more than a year.
"I watched my baby girl die slowly and painfully just a few months before her second birthday,” Yazmin Juárez told a House subcommittee.
The president denied the paper's report about nightmarish conditions at a Clint, Texas, facility.
Kevin McAleenan told ABC's "This Week" that the slew of reports on unsafe and unsanitary conditions at Border Patrol facilities are unsubstantiated.
The American Academy of Pediatrics released haunting images drawn by children who had been in Customs and Border Protection custody.