The Massachusetts senator toured an area visited three times by former fellow presidential candidate Jay Inslee, whose climate policy she has adopted.
Police say a hacker may have been responsible for the explicit sex scenes shown to drivers on Saturday night.
We Run 313, a newly formed running club based in Michigan’s largest city, is growing quickly.
The Motor City is tired of its association with the combustion engine, and wants to be the epicenter of a new green industrial policy.
The endorsement comes as Detroit prepares to host the NAACP national convention this week and the second Democratic presidential debates next week.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Mayor Pete Buttigieg will be among the candidates facing off on the first night of the debate.
Tyler Frye, 21, crashed a pickup truck into the back of the carriage on Friday, Michigan police said.
A "violent predator" appears to be targeting sex workers, police Chief James Craig said.
Keith served more than 50 years in the federal courts.
A long-standing permission by the Archdiocese of Detroit allows local Catholics to eat muskrat — a furry, marsh-dwelling rodent native to the area — “on days of abstinence, including Fridays of Lent.”
The girl was shot in the head while she slept on a couch during a 2010 police raid.
The Snapchat video posted by Officer Gary Steele included a sticker that read, “Celebrating Black History Month.”
Johnny Thomas, a 20-year police veteran, had once run the internal affairs department.
The Detroit Pistons' small forward says he feels "blessed" to be a queer ally in professional sports.
Former first lady Michelle Obama and actor Keegan-Michael Key spoke to college students in Detroit, Michigan, about their future.
"I wanted people to know I’m not just a squatter. I’m trying to make this a home," said one mother.
“Dozens, maybe millions of illegal immigrants” are “headed straight for you and your grandchildren.”
It comes a week after the badly decomposed bodies of 11 babies were found hidden in a false ceiling at a different funeral home in the city.
The remains of 10 fetuses and one baby were found hidden in the ceiling of Detroit's Cantrell Funeral Home.
An anonymous note tipped inspectors off to hidden bodies at Detroit's Cantrell Funeral Home.