Shri Thanedar’s victory over eight Black candidates in a Democratic primary all but precludes the possibility of Black representation for the Motor City.
Michigan’s largest district court and bail reform advocates have settled a class-action lawsuit against bail practices in Detroit.
The lawsuit said that Acme Shooting Goods should have trained employees to identify and prevent so-called “straw purchases.”
A settlement with the SEC requires that Musk's tweets be approved by a Tesla attorney before being published.
The ruling came just hours after the Tesla CEO’s lawyer filed a document in the case saying that a gag order would trample on Musk’s free speech rights.
The White Stripes founder first popped the question to Jean on stage. The two later re-emerged for an encore and married in an onstage ceremony.
Mayor Michael Duggan blamed insufficient resources and not enough census takers focused on the city for the undercount.
Filmmaker accidentally lets a tiger loose in abandoned Detroit factory
Most of the birds, including the peacocks who normally roam freely, will be sequestered inside due to worries over a deadly strain of avian flu.
"You should be ashamed of yourself,” Judge Alexis Krot said during the online hearing. “If I could give you jail time on this, I would.”