A report from Detroit, where officials are fighting against generations of health care segregation and mistrust of the medical establishment.
An anonymous donor has pledged to cover the cost of the $80 ticket to students who get vaccinated against COVID-19
Detroit pizzeria owner Tony Sacco was so upset over people getting $150 tickets for unwittingly parking in a handicap zone that he painted the street himself.
“It took all three of us to heave her over the side of the boat,” the crew said.
Akil Baddoo of the Detroit Tigers had never played above Single-A ball.
Pizza businesses are surviving thanks to their delivery model, but these square pies are taking America by storm.
Trump and his campaign have waged a war on the election system, relying heavily on baseless allegations of fraud in cities with large Black and brown communities.
The GOP officials caused a deadlock when they initially balked at a routine action. The public was not happy -- and the officials flip-flopped.
Republican members of a Michigan county canvassers board struck a last-minute compromise to certify election results after they initially refused.
Republicans on the Wayne County Board of Canvassers only wanted to certify votes from the white suburbs of mostly Black Detroit, but reversed under pressure.