Detroit Education

Schools reopened after two days of teacher protests, but the beleaguered district is still set to run out of cash.
Sadly, my home state has become a national poster child of how not to do charter schools. Leaders elsewhere should take notice: Michigan's charter school path is a tragic one to be avoided.
Two-thirds of the city's public schools have closed in the last 15 years. At the ones still open, students and teachers struggle.
In December 2012, the mayor of Highland Park, Mich., DeAndre Windom, made the decision to close the water plant in his own city and contract with the Detroit Water and Sewage Department. He was praised a public policy genius.
We've spent many months studying the success of the nation's top education state, Massachusetts, and leading improvement states like Tennessee and Florida. Based on their proven track record of success, we have identified four areas that, with the right attention and investment, can put Michigan into the top 10 states for student growth in the next five years.
Snyder released a statement Wednesday saying he supported the decision to terminate the contract. “[Michigan Schools Superintendent
Dr. King called for self-transforming programs to involve young people in direct actions in their cities and neighborhoods. The Boggs School is providing an environment for students to undergo self-transformation and is creating structures that are transforming education.
High academic standards, a rich curriculum, adequate funding -- all of these factors are important in why some schools succeed and others don't. But none of them matter as much as the quality of a school's teaching. Like our students, teachers are worth our investment.
The primary problem facing public education is the legislated diversion of time, talent and resources to things that do not improve student learning -- a reliance on silver bullet, bumper sticker market driven reform ideas instead of focused, research-based hard work and effort.
This program feeds a basic need for our young people; Detroit Food Academy gives them a place to be and group to belong to. And they completely own it.
Putnam was one of a group of educators who began meeting in Boggs' home to talk about education and the education system
"Their test scores are just as low as Buena Vista's," Avery said. "They don't want to deal with us, and I don't see how they
Detroit's bankruptcy is still fresh enough to be a national news mainstay, but the city's public school system has been in
"Enough is enough with the downward spiral in Detroit," Snyder declared. "Let's move forward and upward." Detroit currently
Roy Roberts will be replaced today as emergency manager of Detroit Public Schools by Jack Martin, a finance guru whose last
Tossing Highland Park Renaissance Academy's library collection into a dumpster is part of a larger trend. It shows that Snyder and his appointees believe that nothing is sacred, particularly knowledge.
Lansing-- The state's controversial emergency manager law is proving too slow to deal with some school financial crises, a
WSU's state funding only increased 0.29 percent in 2013, the only school that received a less-than-one percent increase. According