Detroit Tigers

Welcome to the world, Genevieve Upton Verlander.
Upton, who married her All-Star pitcher husband in November, shared the news on Instagram.
A World Series ring and a wedding ring in the same week!
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The incident gives a new meaning to the phrase "Detroit Tigers."
By all counts, Harwell was all about sharing. You could lean back and relax in the sunshine of his warm voice. He knew the incredible gift of simply chatting to a fan -- or even letting them join him in the booth for an inning or two.
Gibson hit 255 home runs and drove in 870 runs in a 17-year MLB career that included World Series titles with the Tigers
For 10 years, there were some ancient ruins a few miles down the road from Comerica Park, an escape from the modern facility for families with restaurants, amusement park rides, museum kiosks, piped in radio broadcasts in the bathroom and flat-screens over the concession stands.