Dick Cheney

At least five Republicans have said they would join Democrats to impeach Trump for the second time.
Dr. Jonathan Reiner called on the president and vice president to follow 9/11 protocol amid the coronavirus pandemic.
"Tell him he's a dick," was the message Cheney passed along to Bale after the actor played him in a movie.
The comedian was hoping for a murder confession during his 2018 "Who is America?" interview with the NFL player.
The vice president reportedly seemed caught off guard by his predecessor's pointed questions at a closed-door GOP event.
Kathryn Adams did her daughter proud on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."
The third-ranking House Republican blasted the sweeping progressive resolution proposed last week and falsely said it would outlaw planes, cars and gasoline.
The "Vice" star doesn't think he'll play Trump anytime soon -- but offered an amusing tip for actors who portray the president on the big screen.
Elizabeth Warren's Native American ancestry claims have made her "a laughingstock,” the third-ranking House Republican said.
Adam McKay's Dick Cheney "biopic" tells us nothing about the most powerful vice president in history.