Dilma Rousseff

Will the stabbing of Brazil’s far-right presidential front-runner boost a candidate who promises to make the country even more dangerous?
The conviction of former President Lula da Silva is a reminder that Brazil's crisis -- which could even lead to a Brazilian Trump -- has global implications.
He was charged with corruption, allegedly having taken bribes and never declaring Swiss bank accounts.
The country's first female president will be removed from office.
She emotionally denied any wrongdoing.
The suspended president took the stand on Monday to say the future of Brazil was at stake.
With the odds stacked against her, Rousseff’s testimony appears to be aimed at making a point for the history books rather than a bid to sway the Senate to block her eviction from office.
She's expected to leave office next week.
If she is convicted and definitively removed from office, interim President Michel Temer will serve out the remainder of her term through 2018.