Asian Americans have reported an increase in hate crimes and discrimination since the start of the pandemic.
Therapists share the advice they give Asian American clients who are dealing with discrimination during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Uber whistleblower's new book offers powerful evidence of what happens when a woman can speak openly about sexual harassment.
"Black people know what discrimination is like," the NBA legend told Ellen DeGeneres.
The heavier men were, the more persuasive they seemed, a Cornell study found.
The law drew criticism from religious groups advocacy that said it would effectively punish people who oppose same-sex marriage for faith-based reasons.
The airline engaged in discriminatory conduct against the Muslim travelers in 2016, the Transportation Department said.
The teens feared for their lives after an officer pulled a gun on them at a park in Minneapolis in 2018.
"Once they take away the rights of one group, the rest of us are not going to be safe,” said one Iranian American detained for over 11 hours at the U.S. border.
Ethical veganism is a “philosophical belief” that deserves to be protected against discrimination, according to a landmark ruling in the U.K.
Its explanation shows that the administration is talking out of both sides of its mouth when it comes to LGBTQ rights.
Utah's Rep. Chris Stewart claims his bill will “bridge that gap” between preventing discrimination and allowing religion to inform individual decisions.
The fast food chain pledged to shift its philanthropic focus to education and homelessness. GLAAD is pushing for "further transparency."
Montgomery County, Maryland joins states including California and New York to ban discriminating against someone based on their hair.
The former first lady gave a reminder to white people at the Obama Foundation Summit, “y’all were running from us, and you’re still running.”
St. Louis County’s police chief is now facing calls to resign after the jury's award to Sgt. Keith Wildhaber in his discrimination suit.
In a leaked email and video, Kelly Grier said if she’d taken the advice in the anachronistic training for women, she wouldn't have succeeded at the firm.
After HuffPost reported on a sexist seminar, EY said it would no longer offer the program.
At the height of the Me Too movement, the message of the training seminar was "fix the women."
Imposter syndrome and racial discrimination work hand in hand to tear down our self-esteem and mental health.