The complaint says Home Depot management threatened workers with "unspecified consequences" for wearing BLM slogans on their uniforms.
More than a dozen doctors with disabilities say discrimination, lack of support and “grind culture” make it nearly impossible to thrive in their chosen careers.
“I’m angry, I’m disappointed, but most of all, I’m sad not to be representing my country,” swimmer Becca Meyers said.
Pulitzer-winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones has turned down University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s tenure offer and will teach at Howard University instead.
The Supreme Court is allowing Arizona to keep voting restrictions that critics say hurt nonwhite voters.
On Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously to allow a Philadelphia-based foster care agency to reject LGBTQ parents on the basis of religious freedom.
The lie that all Asian Americans are successful has many negative career consequences.
Evanston, a Chicago suburb, plans to distribute $10 million over 10 years for past discrimination and the lingering effects of slavery.
For the past several weeks, Asian Americans have questioned how to deal with a recent wave of assaults — many on the elderly — that have coincided with the pandemic.
Gwen Samuel said an employee of the Southington, Connecticut, branch told her, "The money is available. I just don’t feel comfortable giving it to you."