Imposter syndrome and racial discrimination work hand in hand to tear down our self-esteem and mental health.
Yes, this sort of discrimination happened in the 1970s, when Elizabeth Warren was a teacher. But it still happens today.
The 2020 presidential candidate is dismissing reports that questioned her firing from her first teaching job because she was six months pregnant.
The court's decision in the employment discrimination case is expected by early summer 2020.
The 58-year-old Michigan resident plans to attend the arguments next month despite dialysis treatments to deal with kidney failure.
Shahin Indorewala is suing Fast Trak Management for allegedly refusing to hire her after she requested a religious accommodation.
Former staffers at Relevant magazine claim Cameron Strang was an "egotistical" leader who was privately reluctant to listen and learn from marginalized voices.
To protect workers from discrimination, the trans women of Mirror Beauty Cooperative are building a business without bosses.
"We don’t do gay weddings or mixed race," a woman at the venue in Booneville explained in a now-viral cellphone video.
The brief, filed Friday, echoes a similar one submitted last week seeking to legalize firing transgender workers based on their gender identity.
The racial gerrymandering case in Texas was seen as a test of the remaining power of the Voting Rights Act.
The lawsuit alleges Allen and Patricia McCoy repeatedly used racial slurs and physically threatened the tenant.
We went to Target, Walgreens and CVS to find out which "pink" products come at a higher price.
The Democratic governor's signing of the CROWN Act makes California the first state to protect black people from hair discrimination.
Politicians, business leaders and civil rights groups are rejecting the Trump administration stance that you can fire people for their sexual orientation.
The CROWN Act would outlaw policies that punish black employees and K-12 students for wearing their natural hair and protective styles.
The Indiana religious school discriminates against LGBTQ people while receiving millions in taxpayer dollars.
It's the second year in a row that acceptance among young adults has dropped, signaling "a looming social crisis in discrimination," according to one pollster.
To create "Our Blood Can Save Them," Jordan Eagles used blood from a service member who identifies as transgender and pansexual.