Domestic Violence

Police in Southaven, Mississippi, killed Ismael Lopez, an undocumented man, in 2017 after going to the wrong address.
The LA-based artist appears opposite "Mean Girls" actor Daniel Franzese in "La Bufadora," a song that recalls a difficult trip he took with his husband.
The nation is split over whether the term “femicide” — the killing of women because they’re women — should be added to the penal code.
Martina Pastorino traveled over 400 miles on foot to deliver the message that "to be a woman is to be strong."
Elizabeth Warren is the latest to endorse the creation of a federal licensing system.
Time and again, mass shooters have had a history of misogyny, toxic masculinity and violence against women.
Saudi women have been known to flee domestic abuse and the country's guardianship system and seek asylum abroad.
The "Westworld" actress and domestic abuse survivor criticized the fictional police chief and started a charged dialogue.
Marni Washington, who is part of Lightfoot's mayoral protective detail, was charged after a reported June 27 incident.
Courtney Taylor Irby, an alleged domestic violence victim, initially faced a felony charge of armed burglary.
The state’s benefits are extraordinary, particularly for low-wage workers.
Florida, like many states, does not force domestic abusers to give up their guns.
Joseph Irby allegedly rammed his wife's car off the road. She ended up behind bars.
Incarcerated survivors who saw this bill as their only lifeline are heartbroken, according to criminal justice advocates.
Lynn Rosenthal, first-ever adviser on violence against women, reflects on her long career fighting for women’s rights.
Rachel Louise Snyder had spent years researching her emotionally taxing book "No Visible Bruises." Now she's no longer the outsider.
Coffee County District Attorney Craig Northcott recently refused calls to resign for calling Muslims inherently "evil" and "violent."
The Monument Quilt features thousands of stories of gender-based violence and will be featured on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., this weekend.