Domestic Violence

Geoffrey Kay-Conway Sr. allegedly installed a tracking device in his estranged wife's car before attempting to abduct, sexually assault and murder her.
Seth Ketelhut allegedly attacked his mother after she made a comment about one of his children.
Florida officials say Timothy Smith, who was found dead in March, was planning to leave his husband, Herbert Swilley, after suffering domestic abuse.
Emily Hampshire is facing backlash after mocking the actor’s 2022 defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard.
The TNT host unexpectedly grilled the commissioner on a serious issue as the NBA kicked off its 78th season.
Justin Wendling, a 26-year-old resident doctor, kidnapped and killed 25-year-old Gina Bryant, then killed himself, authorities said.
As gun rights expand, homicides claim the lives of a growing number of spouses and dating partners.
After remaining mum on a high-profile case that the Supreme Court will consider next month, the country’s top pro-gun group finally weighed in this week.
The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in a landmark case next month that will have huge implications for more than domestic violence.
Sierra Jamison, 30, was allegedly strangled by a man she'd been dating for several weeks.