Dominican Republic

Big Papi threw the pitch during a game against his former rivals, the Yankees.
The former Red Sox slugger is reportedly "recovering well and is in good spirits."
The Senate's top Democrat said Sunday that the U.S. needs to ramp up efforts to look into the deaths of at least eight Americans on the island this year.
At least nine American tourists have died suddenly on the island within the past year.
Rep. Frank Pallone urged officials to investigate the "highly suspicious" circumstances surrounding a spate of American tourist deaths.
The Dominican Republic’s lead prosecutor says the target was another man, dressed similarly to the former Red Sox slugger.
A 55-year-old New Jersey man is reportedly the latest American to die on the island in a string of puzzling incidents.
At least six American tourists have died at the Dominican Republic this year but there are still no answers for the cause of their deaths.
"It was some of the worst sick I've ever been," a travel agent said.
Leyla Cox went to a resort on the island to ring in her 53rd birthday. Days later, she was found dead.
At least 10 Americans have died while vacationing in the Caribbean country since June 2018.
Dominican Republic National Police say they detained a man accused of shooting the former Boston Red Sox player at a bar Sunday.
The Red Sox player, known as Big Papi, was ambushed by a gunman at a bar in his native Dominican Republic.
Pedro Martinez, Stephen King, A-Rod and more all send their thoughts to the former Red Sox slugger.
The former Boston Red Sox slugger was hospitalized Monday following surgery for a gunshot wound after being ambushed by a man in a bar.
Hotel staff reportedly discovered the bodies of Edward Holmes and Cynthia Day after they missed their checkout time.
The boy is believed to have been mistakenly targeted by gang members in New York.
I was looking for that mythical place where my blackness and Latinidad could peacefully coexist. This is what I found.
The author discussed white supremacy and privilege at the University of Missouri.
I love Cardi B. precisely because she represents so much of what we’re supposed to hate about women.