Don Imus

Imus was fired from CBS in 2007 after he referred to members of the Rutgers women's basketball team as “nappy-headed hos.”
The comments of Obama, McCain, Hilary, Trump...etc. are mere reflections of the DC-area's widespread ignorance on this subject.
If you are a girl or young woman, you are damned if you don't and damned if you do. If you refrain from any expression of sexiness, you may be written off as irrelevant and unfeminine. But if you follow the guidelines, you run the risk of being judged, shamed and policed.
This type of hair-bullying is not just present in the media. It is present in our homes as learned self-hatred manifests in comments to little girls with looser textures that they have "pretty hair," while little girls with kinkier hair textures are told that they have "bad hair."
Kinky Friedman: Well, for one thing I'm going totally f**king deaf, which is a good thing. I only care about two things, and they are Libya and Charlie Sheen. Also, if you're going deaf and you're imaginative, you can think of more interesting things for people to say rather than what they're really saying.
We're outraged about blatant acts of racism, but we're OK with institutionalized racism that prevents people of color from obtaining jobs, quality education, and employment. We consistently roll back policy aimed at redressing historical injustices. And that, my friends, is the worst kind of racism.
African American female servicemembers comprise the highest percentage of women in the military.
The release of more documents from the Clinton presidency revealed just how much former President Bill Clinton's administration
However, Imus isn't the first to broach the topic of Jesus' sexuality. Was Jesus Christ gay? Don Imus thinks it's a possibility
Don Imus Suggests Jesus May Have Been Gay based of the gospel of Judas
A student from another institution telephoned me and wanted to talk about political correctness. Our exchange, unedited, appears below.
It is remarkably ironic that this old anti-Hibernian slur -- 'hooligan' -- is applied primarily to soccer fans, for accounts that I have read describe the advocates of Ireland's team to be the most cordial and well-behaved in Europe.
I plowed through the crush of humanity that is Amtrak for another visit this week with Don Imus in Manhattan. As usual we meandered through a variety of topics from my pre-dawn walk along Seventh Avenue to this "paper or plastic" election.
Giving someone like Ted, Rush or Glenn a national megaphone to advocate bigotry, while making a massive profit out of it, has nothing to do with protecting the First Amendment, but with making lots of money. It is big business, pure and simple.
There WERE limits. A couple of years ago Don Imus was bounced from the airwaves for saying stupid stuff. It was the right
Is Rush Limbaugh simply scraping for another scape goat, or do he, Imus and Jackie magazine have a point? Rush Limbaugh has
"Here's the problem with all this. It was a vile personal attack of this woman and it was sustained over—what it was—Wednesday
Imus, who hosts "Imus in the Morning" on Fox Business News, blasted Gingrich for his harsh comments about the Occupy Wall
Don Imus may have stirred up a bit of a hornet's nest when he joked about his ratings on-air last week, but there have been
Fox Business News host and senior vice president Neil Cavuto had some blunt words for Don Imus Friday morning. Cavuto appeared