Donald Trump Jr.

The president, who was not wearing a mask, claimed without evidence that 99% of U.S. coronavirus cases are "totally harmless" at the National Mall event.
Guilfoyle, campaign official and girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr., was in South Dakota to attend President Trump's Mount Rushmore event.
The president's eldest son shared what he thinks is the "perfect description” of the image that has become a scathing meme.
The comedian mocked the president's son over the expense of his hunting trip to Mongolia, where he killed an endangered sheep.
The president's son apparently hunted with a major GOP donor and bagged a rare sheep.
But the tech giant is not deleting those cruel insinuations by the president and Donald Trump Jr.
The radio shock jock escalates his war of words with the president and his family.
You "never had the leadership or courage" of the film's fictional president, star Vivica A. Fox fumed.
Donald Trump's son boasted that his dad will "Make America Great Again, Again" after the coronavirus pandemic ends, and it backfired.
He slams coronavirus safety measures as an affront to free speech.