Donald Trump Jr.

The "Late Night" comedian spotted the differences between Trump's holiday comments and those of President Joe Biden.
The "bloodbath!!!" predicted by the ex-president's son never materialized.
The late night comedian tore into Donald Trump's son for mocking the hammer attack on the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
The ex-president's son continued to pile on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband after he was seriously hurt in a hammer attack in their home.
Will Wilkerson, a co-founder of Truth Social's parent company, was fired after alleging that the siblings "were taking equity away from hard-working individuals."
The late-night host said those close to the ex-president are trying to distract from his latest round of troubles.
The Democratic California governor was asked about his relationship with Guilfoyle, who's now engaged to Donald Trump Jr.
"The Tonight Show" host also mocked Donald Trump's idea of leading peace talks between Russia and Ukraine.
The late-night host tears into the former president over his latest Fox News interview.
He tried to claim the $250 million civil suit was a “Democratic witch-hunt,” but he didn’t actually address any of its claims.