Donald Trump Jr.

“G.I. Shmo” comes with a “spray-on beard, a pile of daddy’s money and a helicopter to shoot elephants from.”
The president's son showed off his new shirt and Twitter users quickly noticed a problem.
Just a couple hundred people turned out for the event meant to help Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin (R).
The president's son tweeted a video of Sanders getting hit by a punching bag and suggested it "wouldn’t exactly strike fear in the minds of our adversaries."
Critics noted the hypocrisy of President Donald Trump's daughter celebrating nature.
CNN defended its primetime host, calling the incident "an orchestrated setup."
Castro posted the names of 44 San Antonio residents who are major donors to President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign.
The president continued to spread discord as he spoke in Cincinnati, Ohio.
The president's son suggested Comedy Central host the next round of Democratic debates. The network had a response that packed a punch.
The former special counsel said during testimony that Trump's failure to notify the authorities about Russian meddling could be precedent-setting.
“It is challenging ... and to be honest with you, it is also hurtful," the Democratic senator said.
New York's corrupt machine is running its own show for House Democrats.
The Fox News personality claims Trump is "better than that" after racist Twitter rant against Democratic lawmakers.
The president hit the retweet button hard on Saturday morning. Once again.
Rossano Rubicondi, who divorced but still dated the president's first wife, singled out Donald Jr. as "an idiot."
Racist tweets claim the senator doesn't represent American blacks because her dad's from Jamaica.
"A rapist might think that’s a good answer," MSNBC host said of Trump's response to new allegations of sexual assault.
Joe Biden promised to find a cure for cancer if he’s elected president. Donald Trump Jr. mocked him for it.
During a rally in Orlando, Florida, he made fun of Biden's promise to cure cancer, either not knowing or caring that the former VP's son died of the disease.