Donald Trump Jr.

"There are certain places where he couldn't be beaten," the former president reportedly boasted about his eldest son's chances for office.
Addressing Trump Jr., Navarro slams him as someone with "no talent or skill or significant accomplishment who's living off your father's fame, name and fortune."
The “deeply unintelligent” family member will “out-racism anybody, out-misogyny anybody” just for affection, said Donald Trump’s niece.
Donald Trump Jr.'s posts don't exactly 'back the blue.'
"These guys really have to stretch for some of these criticisms," one critic responded to the Republican senator's claim.
Donald Trump's son called for topics to talk about with his father during their 9/11 boxing commentary gig. He received some critical responses.
“We live in an unbelievable world,” one Twitter user responded to the news.
He'll provide “alternative” commentary to this weekend’s boxing match between Evander Holyfield and Vitor Belfort.
The former president's son attempted some humor and it didn't go well, even in front of a friendly CPAC audience.