Donald Trump Jr.

The eldest son of former president Donald Trump invited the "family friend" Fox News host on his podcast and immediately messed up the title of her book.
The wannabe political power couple used mocking and aggressive language in their criticism of Donald Trump's 2024 GOP rival.
Whoops! The son of the former president inadvertently dragged his own father.
Twitter users quickly turned the page on the Trump scion's venture.
The MSNBC host called out the former president's oldest son.
"I've been watching the censorship happening," the former president's son complained.
The "Tonight Show" host managed to get the former president to tell the truth in the cleverly edited bit.
The ex-president's son attracted intense backlash from the New York Democrat, legal experts and some conservative figures for his line of attack.
Sen. Lindsey Graham, Donald Trump Jr. and more Republicans are roasted in the "Daily Show" correspondent's spoof call for donations.
The "Late Show" host got the former president to reveal his nickname for his son, Donald Trump Jr., in the cleverly-edited bit.