Donald Trump

The "Last Week Tonight" host says the president found yet another way to disappoint.
The former WWE champ said Trump's a pretend tough guy.
Spoiler alert: It's not what the White House said it was.
“I think we have enough of an interview here," the president said.
"He’s going to burn it all down, sow more chaos and division because that’s where he succeeds," the president's niece predicted.
“I think that’s incumbent on the press to start investigating" the fact-challenged GOP attack on Hunter Biden, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel said. "That's not my job."
Exactly one year ago, the former vice president tweeted concerns that the U.S. was not prepared to handle a global pandemic.
The United States in the past two days has registered its highest number of new COVID-19 cases – about 84,000 on Friday and about 79,900 on Saturday.
“It just really personally saddens me that somebody who is so clearly racist is a nominee of a major party," the U.S. senator from New Jersey said.