Donald Trump

In an interview with The New York Times, the infectious disease expert described what it was really like to work for the 45th president.
The Republican senator hit back at ABC News' George Stephanopoulos for debunking Trump's baseless voter fraud claims.
The GOP senator rejected some Republicans' claims that the process would be unconstitutional since Trump is no longer president.
“I think I would say the election was not fraudulent," he finally confessed after getting schooled by Pamela Brown.
Democrats, asserting constitutional authority to set the time, place and manner of federal elections, want national rules they say would make voting more fair.
“We might as well say, flat-out, that presidents are above the law," the attorney wrote.
The Senate majority leader called Trump's scheme to use the DOJ to overturn Georgia's presidential election results "attempted sedition."
The censures of Sen. John McCain’s widow, former Sen. Jeff Flake and Gov. Doug Ducey are symbolic of the state party's intense loyalty to Trump.
The New Jersey woman sent a number of incriminating texts and videos during and after the insurrection, the FBI said.