Donald Trump

An attorney for Geoffrey Sills, 31, said he went to Washington on Jan. 6 with a gas mask and tactical gear “because his president asked him to.”
The "Morning Joe" anchor called B.S. on a report that the former president is relishing his current legal predicament.
The former president has been privately musing to associates about how to play being paraded by cops in front of cameras, according to the report.
Leaked emails confirmed what many of us suspected: Fox News anchors lied to viewers about the presidential election being stolen from Trump and didn't care enough to stop it.
Piers Morgan asked the Florida governor which of the former president's mocking monikers he preferred.
The "Tonight Show" host zinged Donald Trump Jr. with an "indictment bracket."
"But we really shouldn’t be surprised, should we?” asked Steele, explaining how Trump used his well-worn playbook to shape the story of his expected arrest.
The flame emoji-filled post defending the former president became the butt of jokes on Twitter for three reasons.
Attorney Drew Findling had a hard time citing actual evidence that Trump didn't break the law in Georgia.
The late-night host has the question that's on many minds.