Donald Trump

Donald Trump has won the North Dakota Republican presidential caucuses, as party members gathered at a dozen sites throughout the state.
Two Trump attorneys orchestrated a plan for fake electors to file paperwork falsely saying he won Wisconsin in a strategy to overturn Joe Biden’s 2020 victory there.
Four justices, including one conservative, wrote opinions disagreeing with an important part of the decision in Trump v. Anderson.
"Enough said," the EGOT-winning star declared after her analysis of Joe Biden's effectiveness at age 81.
Colorado's high court had disqualified Trump from the ballot there for engaging in insurrection.
"He is not as sharp as he was in 2016 and not even as sharp as he was in 2020," Alyssa Farah Griffin told CNN.
The former corporate finance chief was sentenced last year to five months in prison after being found guilty of multiple tax fraud charges.
The former president has played O'Connor's cover of "Nothing Compares 2 U" at various political rallies as he seeks reelection.
The decision overrules a Colorado court's decision disqualifying Trump due to his role inciting the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.
“Well, what fresh hell?” Charlie Sykes responded to the Trump-themed montage aired by the MSNBC show.