Donald Trump

“Once again, Donald Trump had managed to dance between the raindrops of accountability,” writes Mark Pomerantz.
The former secretary of state is sharing some questionable takes as he promotes his new memoir.
Audio from days after the election is surfacing as Trump again seeks the White House while continuing to lie about the legitimacy of the outcome and Democrat Joe Biden’s win.
The former president maintains that Capitol rioter Ashli Babbitt was "murdered" by police.
"Make no mistake about it, that night America also showed its strength," the former secretary of state told Sky News of the day of the Capitol riot.
"The Daily Show" correspondent returned from his latest Trump event with alarming news.
The battle between the former president and his onetime acolyte is getting uglier.
Ironically, lawyer Joseph Tacopina had bashed Trump's claim that attacking E. Jean Carroll's sexual battery allegation against him was part of his "official" duties.
"Diamond was concerned about something being sprayed in the air,” Silk said. “I agreed with her ... and now my sister is dead.”
Hunter Biden is seeking criminal probes into his longtime GOP foes over his infamous laptop.