Dr. Laura

First of all, everyone involved is an adult. This makes them peers. No longer is the parent-child dynamic in play... or at least, it shouldn't be. Adults are presumed to be independent, capable of decision-making, and no longer in need of active, hands-on parenting.
"Such speeches are totally unacceptable," reads the petition. "The reputation that pit bulls have is totally misleading... there
Some mornings it can be painful to wake up, open your wallet and remember that you spent far more than you intended to during that night out. Even worse is if you find the credit card slips, which show even more spending.
The failure of the United States to enact meaningful gun regulation is not only affecting the United States; it is also fueling violence in Mexico.
"I am kind of getting tired of people in the public eye acting like they are victims," Cooper said on Tuesday night. "And
Being on SiriusXM doesn't Laura Schlessinger can resume using her platform to demean entire communities of people with hateful and harmful language and expect to not be criticized.
Much like Howard Stern before her, Schlessinger says that freedom of speech is what drew her to satellite radio. In the wake
Politicos and journalists are keenly aware of how racial cuing is one of the most potent messaging tools. Today, racial animus can be cued ever so delicately
"It's a legitimate question and one I understand," said Boehner. "I really wish I had come to terms my racial identity earlier
Perhaps the N-word Dr. Laura might now wish to address is "Narcissism."
Rep. Blunt: There are lots of things that the constitution allows you to do that you shouldn't do. You can say lots of things
No matter how smart, educated or accomplished you may be, nothing trumps the quality of your relationships with customers, vendors and employees. It is fascinating to think that one event or even just one word can completely stop the machinery.
Sarah Palin can't resist making everything about herself and Dr Laura thinks she's entitled to a show on the public airwaves where she can berate people who mistakenly think she's going to help them.
What motivates the gluttons for punishment who actually call pretend doctors on the radio? And why is their mean-spirited "advice" something that millions of people apparently want to hear?
While the big news at Bilerico ranch was Jerame's new job with the National Stonewall Democrats, the rest of the TBP crew kept us up on all the news. Check out these great posts from last week.
Laura Schlessinger says that she is quitting her job as the biggest female radio show host in the galaxy because, she told
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In my heart, I continue to believe that WE are far better than this despite OUR continued consumption of non-productive chatter
The First Amendment protects her freedom of speech in a court of law. It does not guarantee Dr. Laura the right to an audience, and it does not guarantee that Americans will not respond to her ugly and vulgar rhetoric.
Once upon a time -- before she was dropping obscenities on air -- Dr. Laura was writing about them for her college paper